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Toys ‘R Us will forever be a memory in our generation’s heart, but one North Carolinian took matters into their own hands to make sure the store lives on through helping other people.

A North Carolina shopper who would like to stay anonymous bought $1 million worth of toys at Raleigh, N.C. Toys “R” Us stores last week and reportedly donated them to children.

Employees at a Raleigh location said that they spent all of Friday, which was the last day the store was open for business, boxing up toys for the anonymous buyer.

An employee told WTVD that the shopping didn’t happen at just one singular location, that the shopper bought toys from multiple locations. It hasn’t been announced where the toys were sent to but it is said that they went to a good cause.

On Friday, June 29th, all Toys “R” Us locations around the country were permanently closed after the chain filed for bankruptcy last summer and failed to find a new buyer to take over operations.

Thanks to this Anonymous shopper, a lot more kids have the chance to be Toys “R” Us kids one last time!