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What’s worse than a breakup? We can think of a few things…

After you break up with someone, or get broken up with, the last thing you want to see is their social media pages. Maybe it’s the first thing you want to see…but let’s be real for a second, what good does that do for you?

If you get broken up with and you are constantly reminded of how much better their life is without you that is going to do nothing but damaging things to your ego. On the flip side, if you break up with someone and then see their social media pages and all of their posts, you may start questioning if you did the right thing…when in reality you know you did!

Facebook understands the many complications that can follow a breakup. Sometimes you don’t want to unfriend your ex and unfollowing them doesn’t mean you won’t not see them. That’s why Facebook has come up with “Keyword Snooze.” It lets you take a break from seeing posts about a certain topic in your News Feed.

The new feature allows you to snooze specific keywords and removes all posts from people that include your snoozed keyword in their post.

If you’re going through a tough break up – this is a life saver.

If you’re not going through a breakup, it’s still beneficial to you because it can help you steer clear of spoilers of a TV show, sports event, or even politics, which would be wonderful sometimes.

When you “snooze” a keyword, you won’t see it in posts for 30 days.