Does this intern have what it takes?

Hey, I’m Amanda! I’m currently an intern with the digital content team at Beasley Media Group for the summer. For the most part, I’m scheduling social media posts and writing articles, but I recently got the chance to shadow a few of the radio personalities and see what they do on a day to day basis.

The first person I got to work with was AJ from Kiss 95.1. While it was a little later in the day, and there wasn’t much on-air talking, it was fun being able to see him at work. He made every little thing look so simple and easy. Of course, he’s been working in the radio industry a lot longer than I have, but it was entertaining to see how quickly he solved any problem that might arise.

AJ and I bonded over the fact that we both spent time in Eastern North Carolina, me going to East Carolina University, and him working with one of the local radio stations. It quickly became clear that he was as personable off the air as he was on the air, and that he seemed to genuinely love what he was doing.

He showed me how he scheduled songs and pre-recorded transitions so that there wasn’t any dead air in between, and so there was a balance during the commercial-free hour. During the time the scheduled songs were playing, AJ posted a short blog piece about Jennifer Lopez dancing with Alexander Rodriguez’s daughter, which you can find here.

While it wasn’t insanely busy, I was able to see how much work goes into scheduling everything, as well as making sure to interact with the listeners. AJ was extremely accommodating, especially since I was a guest in his studio, and happily explained anything I was curious about.

With some new knowledge about what goes into running a radio station, and knowing that AJ was just as nice off air, I went back to my little corner to write about my short-lived time in the Kiss 95.1 studio.



Written by: Amanda Shea

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