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Let’s play a game…how many of these seventeen things could you do right now? has come up with a list of things you should know how to do by the time you’re 30 years old.

  • How to change a tire
  • How to stitch a hem
  • How to defend yourself
  • How to change your own oil
  • How to snake a drain
  • How to take your own advice
  • How to whip up a gourmet meal
  • How to forgive and let go
  • How to use a power drill (injury-free)
  • How to accept your flaws
  • How to drive a manual transmission
  • How to pump your own gas
  • How to find a stud in the wall
  • How to budget, plan for retirement, and learn the stock market
  • How to small talk
  • How to enjoy dining out alone
  • How to enjoy the little things


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For the things that you cannot do, click here to find out how to do them!