Welcome to my corner! I’m Taylor Helson, the Digital Content Intern at Beasley Media Group in Charlotte for the summer. 

It’s 2018, we all do a lot of scrolling, liking, reposting, tagging and sending emojis literally anywhere they’ll fit. I, however, think I have you beat with this internship. As the ~intern,~ I usually write posts for each station’s websites, which I then shamelessly plug on the respective Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. Outside of the usual writing, publishing and scheduling posts, I have gotten many opportunities to meet, shadow and learn from awesome, charismatic radio personalities.

This morning, I sat in the Kiss 95.1 studio with Cameron Moore, who adds pep and personality to listeners all across the Charlotte area from 10am-4pm. For those who don’t get to spend two hours observing and talking to Cameron, I am here to vouch that her on-air personality is not a front … she really is that bubbly.

The MRL Morning Show is its own brand, so these on-air personalities spend a lot of their breaks promoting themselves. AJ, the on-air talent for the evenings, often promotes music, concerts, events, etc. During Cameron’s on-air shift, she incorporates a lot of website content in her short breaks. Being one of the many people on the staff who writes content for the website, this was entirely too refreshing to hear. Cameron’s midday shift consistently provides work breaks that include a healthy amount of distractions and nonstop music.

Cameron usually writes posts for the website the day before so that she can talk about it during her next on-air shift. Together, we discussed topics and themes that seem to appeal to listeners and how we generate ideas for these posts. As short and sweet as some posts appear to be, the process of writing them can be quite the contrary and I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks so. I learned that social media, in this case, works as a friend rather than a foe. Being able to see what people from all over are thinking and talking about offers a generous hand in choosing what conversations we want to continue.

With every question that I fired for Cameron, she sent one right back to me. She was very curious about my take on this position, being that I am a journalism major. We talked about the journalistic aspects and skills that are put to use as a digital content creator and she could empathize with why I believe interviewing always leaves room to improve. Cameron says, while she isn’t the best at it, she has learned to lead in a more conversational manner and make the interview feel more comfortable for all.

One major difference we were able to recognize between radio writing and print writing was the tempo. Radio news is, what Cameron describes as, “tight” when it comes to storytelling. These audiences have attention spans that shorten by the minute, so it is vital to give them what they want to know, as quickly as you can.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed talking about blog posts and what inspires them. However, I also enjoyed the many times Cameron and I got sidetracked talking about who’s hot and who’s not in pop culture, lyrics that we had memorized, but still couldn’t understand, and much more.

Taylor Helson – High Point University 

Digital Content Intern – Charlotte, NC