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“Oh, you work on the Radio? Listen, my daughter loves Shawn Mendes. Can you get us backstage passes?”

Your job says a lot about what you do, so it makes sense that the first thing someone may ask you at a dinner party is “what do you do for a living?” But sometimes when you start talking about your job, people will start asking you questions like:

“Oh, you’re a comedian? Can my wife and I sit in the front row of your show?”

“Oh, you’re a server? Hey, can you get me discount?”

“Oh, you work at a spa? Any chance I could come in? Take a look at how tense my back is.”

Odds are, the things people ask from your job are favors you can’t do for them, and almost all of us get asked these kinds of questions. But instead of being frustrated by it, why not get it off your chest on the air? The MRL morning show asked you to call in and share what people have asked you from your job. You can listen to the full segment below.