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Have you ever gotten such bad service that you had to leave a bad review?

Yelp shut down accounts used by a Boston teacher to post rave restaurant reviews written by her third-grade students. The reviews were meant to be part of an assignment designed to teach students about opinion writing. The teacher said that the students loved publishing their work and have grown as writers from the experience.

Yelp says the law does not allow them to publish reviews written by people under the age of thirteen without parental consent and also say that they require the reviews to be the “firsthand experience” of the account holder.

While the teacher tells the Boston Globe that she plans to move the reviews to a different website, this whole topic got us talking about Yelp reviews and the different types of reviews The MRL Morning Show leaves. Everyone agreed that they base a lot of their choices off of Yelp reviews so they find importance in posting the reviews after their experiences…for better or for worse.

Producer Nicole shared a story of a hilarious Yelp review that was left by a friend after a dinner in New Orleans. LauRen talked about a bad experience at a local restaurant and when Roy name drops the restaurant…an employee calls in!