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Break-ups are never easy, but are you still keeping tabs on their social media?

At some point, we’ve all been curious as to what our exes are up to post break-up.  Some take their curiosity one step further and continue to check their exes social media to see where they’ve been and who they’ve been with.  While there’s no shame in cyberstalking an old flame, one has to be careful with such a risky search as to not let those fingers slip onto the dreaded “like” button exposing the creep that you are…

If you still check your exes Instagram, you are most certainly not alone.  We weighed in on Insta-stalking, and while LauRen has no shame in her creep game, Roy seems to be more of a “never look back” kinda guy.  We took to our listeners to ask if they check their exes social media or are bold enough to check their exes new significant other’s social media.  You’ll be in good company either way!