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Sometimes we take a break from busting cheaters on the show and make a love connection instead!

After trying to debate what proper “Jeep etiquette” is with LauRen yesterday, one of our listeners and fellow Jeep owners followed up today about the classic “Jeep wave,” but more importantly, to ask for our help…

Natasha called the MRL Show looking for an attractive guy in a Jeep Renegade that she saw at a stop light.  Realizing they were bound by their common Jeep denominator, she couldn’t help but wonder if maybe what they shared in that brief stoplight moment was a little more than just that…

We had little to go off of here but after talking to Natasha we were able to uncover some basics and try and help her find this mystery Jeep man!

Luckily, who she was hoping to find is a faithful MRL show listener as well and we were able to get him on the phone! Matt admits to being at the exact stop light as Natasha and thinking she was very cute but afraid that fate had taken them in opposite directions forever when she turned right and he continued straight…

Us at the MRL show pride ourselves on catching cheaters with our famous War Of The Roses segment, but it was a nice surprise bringing two singles together this morning.  Because we’re so excited about this, we are sending them to Queen City Social for a date night and hope to have an update next week!

Listen to part two of their love connection:

They say birds of a feather Jeep together.  All in a days work here at the MRL show!