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Lauren is a fairly new Jeep owner and we probably spend a little too much time talking about the unspoken of rule for Jeep owners. 

When we all caught up this morning about our weekends, Maney brought up the fact that someone called out LauRen for something that she didn’t do over the weekend.

Come to find out, it wasn’t actually LauRen but the principle remains. Someone saw Maney and told him that LauRen broke the number one rule for Jeep owners. Which is…not waving at one another. Someone else who drives a Jeep, just like LauRen, thought that he waved at her and he did not get a wave back which is a serious no-no in Jeep world.

LauRen revealed that even though that wasn’t her that didn’t wave back, she has had a few bad experiences with the greetings of fellow Jeep owners. Should you wave or not wave? Not only did we take calls from fellow Jeep owners but we broke down the rules for delivery drivers, truck drivers, construction drivers and even mentioned pilots!

You might not think you would find this interesting…but trust us, you will!