Password Protection (AUDIO)

Choosing a password can be easy- but if it's easy, it's probably being hacked.

"Create new password," "New password cannot be the same as old password," 'Password must be at least 8 characters," "Password must contain a capital letter, a number, a special character, the initials of your first born, the last 4 digits of your SSN, your mother's maiden name......." we've heard it all! As annoying as it is, there is a method to the madness.  To ensure quality security, it's best to mix up your passwords with a variation of letters and numbers and to not use the same password for multiple things.  Seems easy enough right? Until you have to remember 50 different passwords! (First world problems Amirite?!) But fear not, you are not alone in the struggle of password protection and there is a website to help.

The NY Post reveals the top 100 most vulnerable passwords and offers a link to a website to search if yours has been compromised.  They suggest that if you don't want to have different passwords for multiple things to make your password extremely unique and always secure your email/password.  To see which passwords fall on the list of most vulnerable and for more tips click here!


The MRL Show revealed some of the passwords most likely to be hacked.  They had quite a bit to say about how bothersome the password process is and the strength of their own passwords.  Listen below!