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Maney graced us with his presence in the intern office today and asked: what makes you happy?

You know on the first day of school when you have to tell the class something “interesting” about yourself and suddenly you’re the most boring person in the world?  Well, the same thing happened when Maney asked what makes us happy- I couldn’t think of anything.  “Am I a miserable person?’ “How can I not think of anything?” “What makes me happy?” I asked my fellow intern, Dovy, as if he’s known me for more than 2 weeks…

My point is, it was hard for me to think of something.  Am I too hard to please? Is it too early in the morning? All very strong possibilities… so to help, The MRL Show took it upon themselves to look at us interns and try to guess what our happy place would be and what we like.  I’ll admit, they weren’t too far off with their guesses when it came to me… but they really struggled pin-pointing Dovy, our intern Man Of Mystery.

So before you listen to what Maney, Roy, and LauRen THINK they know about us, take a look at what our ideal happy places actually are:

Marissa- Being at a beach bar with friends and a live cover band.  No screaming children, perfect WiFi connection and a delicious cocktail that I’ve probably had one too many of already…

Dovy- Probably taking a hot bath and getting some quiet time. Also having a loud jam session with friends, followed up with an easy-going board game session with Bob Ross in the background, the works.


^^ Now can you see why MRL was stumped with Dovy?! Hear what they had to say about us: