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LauRen found herself in a tough spot when her friend asked her for advice on still vacationing with her ex-boyfriend this summer…

Recent trouble in paradise for a couple close to LauRen poses the odd question, can you still vacation with your ex?  Julia came to her friend, one of our hosts, for advice on going on the previously booked cruise with her now ex-boyfriend.  Sounds like a no-brainer (emphasis on the no), but a few agreeable points were made: there’s no bad blood between them, the trip is booked and paid for, and they both seem on the same page about things.

Despite the few points that have been made, LauRen isn’t convinced it’s a good idea.  She’s pulling for the once happy couple, but stands strongly behind their break-up at this time.  Now we spoke to ex-boyfriend, Ryan, who knows it probably won’t be a “romantic getaway,” but is hopeful it will help repair some of the damage.  Julia, on the other hand, has accepted the reality of where they stand with one another and shut down any possibility of a rekindling.

Having both of them talk about things with Therapist LauRen weighing in was all the Tuesday tea we needed today!