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Turns out there’s a scientific explanation for why we love throwback songs so much… but could that change in the next few years?

Have you been stuck in traffic, bored out of your mind when suddenly a song played on the radio and immediately took you back in time? You feel that rush of excitement and a burst of mixed emotions that force you to do nothing else except give that song your full attention. That’s the power of the throwback tune, and there’s a specific reason why we like them so much.

Of course, nostalgia plays a huge part, but it’s primarily due to lifestyle changes. Most of the new music we discover is while we’re in our 20s, which are arguably some of the best years of our lives. Once you hit about 30, you typically stop finding new music on average and keep listening to your “old” playlists, the ones you made back when you were considered to be in your “prime.”

The question is, now that music services are becoming more intuitive, will throwback songs be as powerful in the future? Music has evolved a lot this past decade and finding new music has gotten easier. At the end of the day, everyone loves to listen to the songs that remind them of what could arguably be the best years of their lives. So if you have those “old” playlists, make sure to hold on to them.


Source: Elite Daily