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Snapchat is looking to get in on the concert ticket game – and has linked up with SeatGeek to do it. 

Snapchat users can now get tickets directly from teams and artists by swiping up and selecting tickets they want for checkout.

This means that teams and artists can now embed this information into their posts, and connect with users that weren’t necessarily thinking of buying something.

The Los Angeles Football Club wants to be the first one on deck to use this functionality.

“Selling tickets directly to our followers on Snapchat gives us an incredible opportunity to connect with our most dedicated supporters,” said Tom Penn, Los Angeles Football Club’s president and co-owner, quoted by CNET.

SeatGeek’s owner Russ D’Souza said the following: “We see Snapchat as an incredible opportunity for teams and artists to increase discovery of their events, while also potentially rewarding their most dedicated fans with exclusive offers.”