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There are signs that suggest your boo might have a secret bank account – and we’ve got your back!

Turns out, couples keep secrets from each other more than you think. When you think of infidelity you think of emotional or physical cheating but turns out, there’s another form of infidelity that happens way more than you would think. It’s called financial cheating. It’s when your partner has a hidden bank account or credit card that they use to buy things they don’t want you to know about.

Is this hitting a little too close to home? Here are some signs that you may be getting cheated on financially:

  • You’ve started to notice a lot of new stuff
  • Your bae gets defensive when you bring it up
  • The mail is off limits to you
  • You’re being showered in gifts
  • You notice large cash withdrawals

The MRL Morning Show asked you to call in and tell us if you’ve ever hidden a purchase from your significant other. To our surprise, you mentioned everything from a jet ski, to puppies and more. Tune in and give these hilarious stories a listen!