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Being an only child can definitely have its perks, but it may also come with a new stereotype..

Growing up with siblings we’ve all reached a point where we thought being an only child would be better, but being an only child comes with its own set of problems.  A recent study shows that single children are more likely to cheat on their significant others than those with siblings.  Illicit Encounters, which is a dating site for people in a relationship looking to cheat (gross), conducted a survey in which 24% of their subscribers were an only child.

Single children have often been stereotyped as spoiled and entitled, but now they will be adding “unfaithful” to the list as well, unfortunately.  A spokesperson from Illicit Encounters stated, “It’s well-known that an only child can experience the feeling of immense loneliness in their childhood, and that comes back to haunt them in their future relationships.”

Now I don’t know about you, but I have a feeling a lot of single children will not attest to this new finding.