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It seems like a no-brainer to not engage in relationships with members of the same family, but some of our listeners have a different take…

The famous saying goes “to each their own,” but I can’t help but wonder if it still applies to people who are involved in family affairs.  On today’s War Of The Roses, Audra suspected her boyfriend of one year of cheating based on jewelry and dinner receipts.  When we got in touch with Sam it turned out that Audra’s suspicions were more than accurate when he chose to send the romantic roses to a woman named Marissa, but what nobody expected was for Marissa to be his father’s girlfriend!

This particular case prompted several questions here at the MRL Show, one question in particular- have you ever kept it close and dated multiple people from the same family tree?  Some of the responses were shocking, but all were entertaining.

Our listeners were not shy on this one!