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“Swifties” are seriously offended by an interviewer’s comment about Taylor… but is it really worth the feud?

This weekend, Taylor Swift performed at Swansea’s Singleton Park. Temperatures were high, and the humidity was at 80 percent, leaving Swift hot and sweaty as she came off stage. During a post-show interview, she had an awkward encounter with presenter Greg James, who said ““I think you need to have a shower now.” Swift seemed unfazed and laughed off the comment replying, “I agree, I’m not offended, there’s a lot going on and almost none of it’s good,” but her fans don’t seem to be okay with the comment.

Many “Swifties” are upset and feel insulted by it, tweeting ““Really Greg James? The first interview Taylor has done in more than two years and you tell her she needs a shower?,” and “Really where did your manners go? And you couldn’t have asked her a music question about her album? Is this journalism?” Some of her fans are responding by saying everyone was overreacting, tweeting “’People need to stop creating problems, the whole Greg James shower comment was a joke, it was crazy humid today, plus performing, Taylor didn’t even take offense.”

What do you think? Is a joke like that worth getting angry over? And at what point can a pop star’s fans be too sensitive? I think Taylor has received weirder comments in the past, and if it’s really that big of a deal, we’ll probably hear about it in her next album.