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For you, mail may mean bills.  But maybe the smell of ice cream treats would soften the blow…?

The US Postal service is launching a new line of stamps that will consist of fun pictures and shapes as well as a…wait for it…scratch and sniff feature.  That’s right, created for adults by adults.  Austin, Texas plans to release these stamps in June at Austin’s Thinkery Children’s Museum.  We aren’t entirely sure the motive behind ‘The Frozen Treats Forever’ line of scratch and sniff stamps but are definitely curious.

Is the US Postal service trying to make us feel better about whatever bill we’re receiving by allowing us to smell baked sugar cookie in the upper right-hand corner of that AT&T statement?  Or maybe they are trying to get people to switch back from paperless mail to log more daily steps on their Fitbits.  Whatever the reasoning is, it’s now going to cause me to scratch and sniff every stamp I receive from here on out in the hopes that I land a lucky Popsicle scent…