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We’ve all forgotten the name of a co-worker a time or two, but how do you subtly reintroduce yourself?

This is not an uncommon occurrence, but at what point is it just downright embarrassing to not know someone’s name at work? Science has shown that the reason we may not recall a name even after it is introduced is that we tend to focus more on what our reply is going to be than what is being said at that moment.  However, science can’t defend not knowing a coworker’s name after working with them for quite some time.

Roy voiced his embarrassment from last night’s charity event where he didn’t know the names of several coworkers from the station.  He makes some valid points though as to why he doesn’t know everyone he technically works with.  We realized some of our listeners have the same problem.  Listen to Roy plead his case and be in good company with the rest of us forgetful coworkers!