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Khloe Kardashian responded to one troll and it was so savage, he changed his public profile to private.

Khloe and all of her sisters are no stranger to the spotlight nor are they shy when it comes to posting things online. With that being said, you can only imagine the number of haters that take the time to comment and leave a negative review daily. Over the last few years, the Kardashians have proven to know how to deal with a troll and Khloe Kardashian is proof.

The new mom was watching her man play a playoff game against the Boston Celtics when a troll was a few rows infront of her snapping pictures of her the entire game. He even posted one to his Instagram account writing, “Issa Kardashian curse,” which is implying that when a NBA player dates a Kardashian, he doesn’t play well.

Before he took it down, Khloe took the time to respond to his rude comment.

Corny ass! You went to a play-off game but were on your phone for almost all of the four quarters, thirsty ass f***, trying to get a picture of me. Dude…watch the game! We were all talking about how crazy you looked at the game acting like that.”

#ClapbackSeason: #KhloeKardashian had some time tonight!!! ????

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The best part? This troll didn’t even tag Khloe! She caught wind of it on her own. Lesson learned, m_jizzle_