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With a May 28th premiere, the roses are ready and so are we…but are the suitors?

Becca Kufrin, ABC’s newest bachelorette, went through an unthinkable turn of events during her time on the Bachelor.  We can’t forget her as Arie’s original choice that he later retracted, but she’s hoping to turn things around in the name of love now that she’s the one choosing.  So far the list of potential love interests sounds promising.  Take a look at some of the lucky prospects:

  • Alex, 31-A construction manager based out of Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Christon, 31-Christon hails from Los Angeles and he’s got some experience on the court, that’s ‘cause he’s a former Harlem Globetrotter.
  • Chase, 27-Chase also has a fancy title as the vice president of an advertising firm. He’s coming from Sanford, Florida.
  • Chris R.,30- Chris R. is from Orlando, Florida, but no he doesn’t work at Disney, he’s a sales trainer.
  • Nick, 27-He’s also from Orlando, but he’s an attorney.
  • Lincoln, 26-Lincoln from Los Angeles is an account sales executive.
  • Ryan, 26-Ryan’s more musically inclined. The banjo player is from Manhattan Beach, California.
  • Clay, 30-A professional football player from Chicago.
  • David, 25-At 25-years-old, David can call himself a venture capitalist hailing from Denver, Colorado.
  • Colton, 26-Colton also comes from a sports background as a former professional football player from Denver, as well.
  • Mike, 27-Becca better like sports, because Mike is a sports analyst from Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Jean Blanc, 31-A colognoisseur- which means he knows cologne very well- from Pensacola, Florida.
  • Christian, 31-A banker from San Diego.
  • Wills, 29-Is a graphic designer from LA.
  • Jordan, 26-This hunk is a male model from the sunshine state aka Crystal River, Florida.
  • Leo, 31-This daredevil is a stuntman from Studio City, California.
  • Jason, 29-A senior corporate banker from Seattle.
  • Darius, 26-Hails from Sherman Oaks, California as a pharmaceutical sales rep.
  • Jake, 29- Marketing consultant from Minneapolis.
  • Grant, 27-Electrician from Danville, California.
  • Connor, 25-Keeps in shape as a fitness coach from St. Petersburg, Florida.
  • Garrett, 29-A medical sales rep from Reno, Nevada.
  • Kamil, 30-Must be good at social media considering his line of work as a social media participant from Monroe, New York.
  • Rickey, 27- IT consultant from San Diego.
  • Trent, 28-Comes from Naples, Florida as a realtor.
  • Joe,31-Owns a grocery store in Chicago.
  • John, 28- Software engineer from San Francisco.
  • Blake, 28-Is a sales rep from Bailey, Colorado.

Will one of these guys give Becca the ending she deserves? Find out and catch the premiere of the “Bachelorette” on May 28th at 8pm ET on ABC.