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We all make sacrifices for love, but Meghan Markle’s list is a little more obscure than most…

Meghan Markle has said goodbye to the entertainment life as she prepares to become a member of the Royal Family, but she has to say goodbye to much more than the bright lights of Hollywood.  Here is a list of things Meghan will give up when she says “I do”:

  • Signing autographs
  • shopping alone
  • ambiguous dresses,
  • social media profiles
  • trendy manicures (nude shades only)
  • political views

It’s no secret that Meghan Markle has a large following, but unfortunately for you fans, she’s no longer allowed to sign your memorabilia, keep up with the hottest fashion trends, or weigh in on her once vocalized liberal views any longer.  The future Royal gave up her social media earlier this year and seems to be adapting to her new role fairly well.  I know girls that would have to turn down this marriage based on finger-nail polish alone so way to go Meghan!

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