The Internet Continues To Divide And Debate 'Yanny' vs. 'Laurel'

Another Black/Blue vs. White/Gold dress style controversy has everyone up in arms...or ears

Team 'Laurel' or team 'Yanny' wherever you may fall, defend yourselves no more! Experts say the reason the internet is so split on this new viral wave is because both words are actually present, they are just played at different frequencies.  Audio engineers have spoken out to try and settle the internet breaking debate by explaining that those who hear 'Yanny' are hearing higher frequencies than those who hear 'Laurel' which are hearing lower frequencies.

Though this educated explanation provides a sense of relief for those who were able to hear both, or those who can't hear the other at all, the internet is not letting up.  It's the dress color circa 2015 all over again and we can't seem to handle it!