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We know weddings vary from place to place, but could you embrace some of these British traditions on your special day?

With the Royal Wedding right around the corner we had to get a member from our sales department and UK native, Jordan, to weigh in on the differences between the two ceremonies.  Jordan is from the village of Rivington outside of London and helped us here at the MRL show break down British wedding traditions.  PopSugar editor Gemma Cartwright wrote an article on 11 things we probably didn’t know about British Weddings and some of them proved very interesting:

  • the meal at the wedding is considered the “wedding breakfast” regardless of what time it is served
  • “daytime formal” attire is typically the dress code (i.e men’s top hats, tailcoat, etc.)
  • no cocktail hour
  • a British wedding can only be held at a venue that has a licence granted by local council
  • bachelor/bachelorette parties are referred to as “stag dos” and “hen dos”
  • no bridal shower
  • not always an open bar
  • wearing hats can the norm
  • you get your cake to-go
  • there are many things you can’t wear (i.e white, black, green, things too short/tight/low cut, etc.)
  • small bridal party, and the bride typically pays their expenses

Listen to what Jordan brought to the MRL show today!