(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Pink Gets Wowed By 12 Year Old Super-Fan!

We tell kids that anything is possible if you set your mind to it...well this young singer proved us right.

Aspiring child singer and Pink fanatic, 12-year-old Victoria Anthony finally fulfilled her dream of singing alongside her idol during a concert in Vancouver!

For weeks leading up to the concert, Victoria shared on social media how badly she aspired to sing with Pink, and even created a Youtube channel to help spread the word and her voice.  She was determined to meet her idol and perform for her, so she took her efforts one step further and created the hashtag #VicandPink to help promote this duo on other social media platforms.

The exposure clearly worked because Pink halted her own performance halfway through the night and called upon Victoria to sing her rendition of the artist's song "Perfect." The crowd lost it once the 12-year-old singer began, but who was even more blown away? Pink herself! She couldn't believe her talent at such a young age and was clearly touched that she had such a hand in Victoria following her dreams!

Check out her amazing vocals and Pink's heartfelt reaction: