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$2.2 billion dollars. No big deal, pocket change. No, seriously…for this guy it is.

Congrats to David Tepper, who is the proud new owner of the Carolina Panthers.

David Tepper is a hedge fund guy who is also a minority owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The deal has been finalized and will become official after Tepper sells his 5% minority stake in the Pittsburgh Steelers. Another thing that has to happen before the deal becomes official is that Tepper has to get approved by 75% of the NFL owners.

Once those two things happen, The Carolina Panthers & David Tepper will begin their new relationship!

Jerry Richardson was the previous owner of The Carolina Panthers but he put the team up for sale last season, following sexual harassment and racial misconduct allegations.

David Tepper has an entire business school named after him at Carnegie Mellon University!

He is worth $11 billion. This got us thinking…what in the world does one do with a billion dollars!?

So we found out for you just in case you were wondering like us.

What does $1 billion look like in height? Take one billion $1 dollar bills and put them in a stack – after about 30 years of stacking, your pile would measure 358,510 feet or 67.9 miles high.

How much in area would $1 billion cover? One billion $1 bills would cover a 4-square mile area, or the equivalent of 2,555 acres.

How fast can you go through $1 billion? If you were really dedicated and could spend $20 per second, you could spend $1 billion dollars in 578 days.