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Work smarter, not harder…right!? We found some ways that you can apply that to a date!

A few clever ways to get a second date thanks to

  1. Borrow something simple – A user noted that on one of her dates the guy asked to borrow her baseball cap to ensure that he would see her again so she could get her hat back. She said that it worked and thought it was cute.
  2. Follow up – Sending an email / text / message the next day is a good example of good manners and a great way to hint to the person that you’d like to see them again
  3. Call it a night – Sometimes less is more. Don’t get coffee, drinks, dinner and a movie all on one date. Save it for next time!
  4. Let your date pay for this one – If they cover your first date, offer to “get the next one.” It’ll be harder for your date to turn out a free meal or outing!
  5. Do what works – again – This strategy works best for casual dates with “friends” you’d like to upgrade to a more romantic status. People bond over exciting activities, and if you’d like your “activity partner” to bond with you, doing that same thing again helps make it your thing to do together.
  6. Tell the truth – some of it, anyway – Just be flat out! If you want to see them again – tell them!
  7. Lean in for a…handshake – Shake hands and add a kiss on the cheek; you don’t want to end the date like you’re sealing a bet. But leave out the real good-night kiss, and you’ll leave your date wanting more!