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Do you ever ask your dentist super weird questions? 

A survey of UK dentists was done to see common versus uncommon questions their patients asked them. Although this study was done in the UK, we’re pretty sure it could easily translate here. Can you think of any questions that you’ve asked your dentist?

Common questions include the differences between a manual and electric toothbrush or how many times a day one should be brushing their teeth. However, some uncommon questions include why do I have to brush my teeth when my dog doesn’t have to? LOL… here are some more bizarre questions dentists have been asked by their patients.

  • Why do I have to brush my teeth when my dog doesn’t have to?
  • Is using a chips packet between my teeth better than floss?
  • What is floss, can I eat it?
  • Is my filling going to melt if I drink hot soup?
  • Will the ulcer in my mouth turn into a flesh-eating disease?
  • Will my gum disease eat my face?
  • Is it OK to only brush my teeth once a week?
  • Can you take one of my teeth from the back and put it in the gap at the front?
  • (In reference to a broken tooth) – Can’t you just paint something on top of it?

These questions have us truly SMH… what bizarre questions have you asked your dentist before? Don’t be ashamed! Let us know @themrlshow.

Article source: The Daily Mail