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We all love celebrating it, but how much do you actually know about Cinco De Mayo? Here are 5 fast facts:

1. Not a celebration of independence

  • Mexico’s Independence is actually on September 16th. Cinco De Mayo is the celebration of Mexico’s victory in the battle at Puebla on May 5th, 1862 during the Franco-Mexican war

2. Not a federal holiday in Mexico

  • If you’re thinking this day is all about partying, and no working in Mexico, you’re wrong!

3. Roosevelt helped popularize Cinco de Mayo in the U.S.

  • While you’re sipping on those margaritas, be sure to toast one out to President Roosevelt!

4. The world’s largest Cinco de Mayo party is NOT in Mexico.

  • It’s actually in Los Angelos, California

5. American’s LOVE some tequila!

  • According to the Daily Meal, the United States consumes twice as much Tequila as Mexico, where the spirit originated.