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We found out which members of ‘NSYNC are in the “Mile-High Club” and who hooked up with a Spice Girl…and now we are connecting the dots.

As we’ve previously told you in LauRen’s Dirty On The 30 segment, Justin Timberlake admitted during a game of “Never Have I Ever” that he hooked up with a Spice Girl, which, of course, had the Internet speculating on the identity of said Spice Girl.

Check out the video below where ‘NSYNC surprises Ellen and her guests where the play a game of “Never Have I Ever.”

Could the Spice Girl that JT hooked up with be Baby Spice?

An interview surfaced from 2004 where Jonathan Ross brings up J.T. and says to Emma, “You had a one nighter with him, is that right?”

Emma was reluctant to answer at first but eventually replied, “We hung out and partied a bit and he was very sweet,” adding, “He spoke about this first, ’cause otherwise I would not have said a word. He’s very sweet.”


Check out the 2004 interview below.