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As if Facebook didn’t already have everything, they’ve added a dating feature to the mix.

Tinder and Bumble, watch out. Mark Zuckerburg announced that there will be a new dating service among the new features in the site. The best part? It’ll exist right in the app you’re already familiar with.

There’s more, though. You can make separate profiles to search for your boo’s, and none of your friends will be able to see the activity.

Your other Facebook profiles won’t interact when you connect with someone and the actual best part is that your Facebook friends can’t even show up as potential matches.

Starting to sound like a good idea? This service is expected to be huge, so you’re going to want to hop on it as soon as it’s available in our phones.

You’ll be able to find people with the same interests, mutual friends or even people going to the same events as you. There’s really nothing Facebook can’t do.


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