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We all use the internet when we want to start up a project to get some ideas. Turns out it’s helpful for giving birth, too.

22-year-old first-time mom Tia Freedman has one of the craziest birth stories. It started when she found out she was pregnant.. in the third trimester. That’s right, she didn’t know she was pregnant until her final trimester.

She previously planned a trip to Germany and was confident she would have plenty of time to get back to the states and give birth.

She was wrong.

On the 14 hour flight, she started to have cramps but blew it off as what she had previously eaten. By the time her plane landed in Istanbul, Turkey she was in so much pain, she thought she might be in labor. She was right!

She got into her hotel room and realized the baby was not going to wait. She quickly looked up
“how to deliver a baby” on YouTube. Without calling for help, she ran a bath and had a water birth for her son.

That’s not all. She even delivered her placenta and used sterilized shoelaces to cut the umbilical cord, which she also looked up how to do.

When Freedman returned with a newborn, there was some confusion. After they realized she wasn’t trying to smuggle the baby, Turkish Airlines sent mama and baby to the hospital and treated them to a 2-week stay at a hotel until they could fly home safely.

She’s basically our hero.

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