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Online dating has a bad stigma and rightly so. But these tips can help you stay positive during the process.

It becomes exhausting to always swipe, go on lousy dates and do it all over again. What if we said there’s ways to prevent that? It starts with you. You have to be really resilient if you’re going to find love, so an open mind is crucial. Check out these helpful tips:

First thing… swipe, message, meet- in that order.

Always be direct about what you’re looking for and don’t forget to enjoy your life while while you’re looking for love. Understand and respect that people will have differences from you.

If you don’t automatically vibe, it’s not about you. Keep your dating game in perspective. If you want to spend time with the person, schedule an actual date!

We all want someone we really vibe with and can keep the connection going. It’s very common which means your soulmate is out there looking for you too! Just have to be patient in the process!


How do you stay positive in the online dating game? Let us know @theMRLshow!