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Moms-to-be are announcing their pregnancies with a new trend.

It’s true, women are getting sonogram manicures and it’s becoming a huge hit. A beautician in the UK started the trend with one customer and it’s been taking off since then. In fact, so many people are interested in getting her sonogram nails that she is booked weeks in advance and can’t handle all the requests for appointments.

The beautician, Sarah Clarke, came up with a way to serve pregnant moms everywhere who wants her nails. She designed sonogram nail art on a tip for other nail techs to apply, and it’s simple to do. You just send in your photo and she will send you the sonogram nail art tip for your regular nail artist to put on. Cool right?

If you happen to want to keep the nail with your bays sonogram on it, they have you covered. She says the nail will be sent in a presentation box so it can be kept as a keepsake.


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