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When it comes down to getting out of a ticket, we have some pretty good excuses.

You know how it is when you’re running late and don’t have time to look at the speed limit sign. Next thing you know you’re pulled over and looking for an excuse to keep your ticket from not being so bad. We have all been there done that. What better way to laugh about it than to talk about it now that it’s over?

LauRen got pulled over yesterday and before she knew it – she was telling the officer she was in a rush to get home because her son was taking his first steps. The cop had a 20-month-old kid at home, so knew the feeling of excitement LauRen was supposedly feeling. He left her off with a warning & shared that it was an exciting time. This got us thinking about all the other people who have worked their way out of tickets.

Some of our followers expressed the opposite view and we can’t say we disagree. To each its own.

How did you get out of a ticket? Let us know @theMRLshow!