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What Are The Rules Of "Taking A Break?" (AUDIO)

Today's War Of The Roses got a little confusing because one party was completely caught off guard, but the other party thought they were completely in the clear. Oh, the confusion of a break.

It's not often that men reach out to us to do War Of The Roses, but when they do...we are all in. Christian and Monica have only been dating for five months, but they're already on a "break" that was issued by Monica. Christian wants to do War Of The Roses to see if she would send him the flowers still. When Monica did not send the flowers to Christian, he was hurt but she was confused because she thought she was clear that they were on a break.

This brought up the age-old questions: What is a break? What are the terms? Can you date other people?



Have you ever been on a break? What are your thoughts? @theMRLshow