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13 Little Things You Do That Are So Sexy (AUDIO)

It's all about the little things.

We love talking about relationships here on The MRL Morning Show. We also love helping relationships. So when we talk about and take phone calls on things like "What do you find attractive about your significant other?" we do it in hopes that people are listening and can take hints!

According to men, 13 little things you do that are so damn sexy are:

  • When you have a passion for something
  • When you're decisive
  • When you get along with our friends
  • When you touch us
  • When you make us feel useful
  • When you know dirty rap lyrics
  • When you wear our clothes
  • When you initiate anything sexual
  • When you appreciate things we've done
  • When you do something you don't like just because we love it
  • When you wear lipstick
  • When you genuinely get along with the folks
  • When the dog loves you


We decided to take phone calls on what our listener friends found most attractive about their man.