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If you were on a rowboat with your best friend and your husband but you could only keep one…who would you kick out?

When you get married you say “till death do we part,” buttttt…a new report reveals that no matter how much a woman loves her husband, she’d really rather be hanging with her bestie!

Two out of four of us here on The MRL Morning Show are married so we decided to go straight to the source to see the validity behind this. When Maney asks LauRen what she would do, she’s a little torn between the two but reveals that she would choose her mom over the two of them. Maney admits that Amanda would probably throw him overboard in a heartbeat to be with her best friend.

The UK survey found out that more than 50% of married women would rather spend time with their best friend than their husband. Diving even deeper into the survey, 30% would prefer to have boozy lunches with their friends and 60% actually say they have a better time with no men involved.

Why though?
The main reason, revealed in this survey, is because they understand each other. 45% of the women say that their bestie actually listens to what they are saying as well.

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