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The videos and pictures have been released, and Khloe Kardashian is wanting to leave Cleveland.

Tristan Thompson was apparently caught on tape cheating on Khloe Kardashian just days before she’s due to give birth to their daughter. There’s a video of him making out with two girls at a club and there are pictures showing him entering and leaving a hotel with another woman.

Before this proof was released, the cheating was just rumored and when he confronted Khloe about the rumors she wanted to believe him that nothing happened at the club. Tristan’s story has changed since the photos and videos started surfacing and now Khloe is, understandably, “in absolute turmoil.”

It was revealed that Khloe has made her way home to Cleveland, as that’s where she wants to give birth to their daughter. After this news surfaced, sources say that she’s trying to get out as soon as possible. The problem is she’s so far along in her pregnancy, she can’t fly. Mom to the rescue! Kris Jenner is on her way to Cleveland to be with Khloe. While sources say Kris wants Khloe to leave Cleveland as well after the baby is born, sources say that Khloe “believes the baby will bring them closer together.”


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