MRL Rates Each Other's Relationships (AUDIO)

Which of us do you think has the best relationship with their significant other?

The MRL Morning Show is a tight-knit gang. Even when they're off the air, they're either always together or always talking. Good or bad...everything is always out in the open! LauRen and Dallas were on the phone yesterday after the show when we all overheard a bit of a tense conversation. This, of course, Maney wanted to turn into an on-air conversation so we decided to each rank each other's relationships currently to see what everyone thinks of one another. The four of us are all in long-term relationships of two or more years, each in different life stages.

Roy and his boyfriend Sterling have been together two years, recently moving in together. Maney and Amanda have been married for seven years with baby number two on the way. LauRen and Dallas have been married eight years (together twelve) and just recently had their first born. Producer Nicole and her girlfriend Lauren have been together for three years, recently just moving to Charlotte together from Raleigh.

It seems that everyone had the same idea about who came in first place and last place (almost)...check out the audio and let us know what you rate our relationships @themrlshow!