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Is Love More Important To You Than Money?

A tale as old as and money or money and love.

A new study was conducted within 2,000 Americans on what's more important to them: finding love or being wealthy. 78% of folks believe that finding love is more important than being wealthy. Does that surprise you? The high percentage surprised us considering that the leading cause of stress in relationships is money. That leaves 33% saying the opposite; that being wealthy is more important to them than finding love.

54% of people say that money is the biggest stressor in their relationship, a bigger issue than communication (26%), work (7%) and children (6%).

This study is showing that in the grand scheme of things, more people search for love than for money...but once in a relationship, the tables turn.

There may also be issues when one spouse is making more than the other, but that's not the case. Overall, the study showed that 54% of people say they don't really care who in the relationship is the money maker, but 49% of people say that the person making more money shouldn't have more say in financial decisions.

Sure, we think love is important...but money is nice too! Do you think finding love is more important than being wealthy? Why/Why not?