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The #1 Instagram Rule You Should Never Break (AUDIO)

It's never good to look super thirsty for likes on Instagram!

Instagram is taking over as one of the top social media platforms. With that being said, people sometimes tend to get way out of hand when it comes to managing their own Instagram.

Some unwritten rules of Instagram...

  1. Post at peak times
  2. Comments are better than likes
  3. Don't post on Friday or Saturday night
  4. Don't post too many people-less pictures
  5. Post frequently, but not too frequently
  6. Avoid the cliche
  7. Exercise some selfie control
  8. Don't post too many pictures bragging about your boyfriend
  9. Don't use the #nofilter hashtag
  10. Don't over edit your photos
  11. Don't hashtag #followforfollow
  12. Avoid cheesy quotes
  13. It's okay to flaunt your stuff, sometimes
  14. Food porn is okay, sometimes

Last but not least... Don't like your own photos!

We talked about that last unwritten rule that shouldn't be broken on Instagram: never like your own pictures. According to Roy, some people may feel the need to get their likes rolling by being the first to like their own post...What do you think? Are you guilty of breaking this rule? Check out the audio and let us know what kind of Insta rules you follow @themrlshow!