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Tattoos & Superman.

First Justin Bieber was always in headlines for negative things, but recently he has seemed to stay out of headlines. This has us wondering.. Where are you Justin!?

Justin and Selena have been rumored to be on a “break,” and since we haven’t seen any pictures of them recently…we are thinking the same thing.

With all his free time…what’s Bieber doing?

He’s showing off his sense of humor in a new video with YouTube star Rudy Mancuso. The “Racist Superman” video has a variety of Supermans from all ethnic groups sitting around a diner table and debating who is the best Superman. It’s all in good fun, of course but the clip ends with the appearance of a “Canadian Superman,” played by yours truly.

He also posted a thirst trap on Instagram. Could he possibly be showing Selena what she’s missing?