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Because we are dying to know.

There’s now a book that’s hitting shelves titled, “Does It Fart?: A Definitive Field Guide To Animal Flatulence.” The book delves into the world of animal farts, which was sparked by a simple tweet.

Dani Rabaiotti, a zoology student, tweeted out a question that her brother had asked her: “Do snakes fart?” Virginia Tech ecologist Nick Caruso saw the tweet and started the hashtag #DoesItFart , which eventually led to their collaboration on this book!

So we know you’re burning up inside wondering who farts and who doesn’t, so we’ll tell you!

Who farts?

Orangutans, horses, elephants, rhinos, seals, zebras, and cows all pass gas at some point. Herring actually use their farts to communicate with each other and manatees use theirs to remain buoyant in the water.

Who doesn’t?

Slothes rarely even go number two and due to their slow digestion they don’t pass gas. Neither do parrots or octopuses.