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Channing & Jenna's Split Long Time Coming

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan may have broke the world's heart by announcing their separation this past Monday, but an insider is about to break your heart even more.

On Monday, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan took to Instagram to talk about their separation.

Fans from all over the world took to social media to vent about them.

With the sad news, it seems impossible for the ability to get even more sad news. Apparently things between the two of them are long "done," and Channing has already moved out of their family home.

"This has been a long time coming," says an insider. "Like any marriage, they've had their ups and downs over the years, but they really started to grow apart within the last year."

Sad, right? Well the bad news doesn't stop there. What's worse is another source says the two simply fell out of love.


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