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A new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has guys revealing how they really feel about women taking, or not taking, their last name.

If you listen to us, then you know we love the anonymous Whisper app. If you put “anonymous” on anything – people seem to admit to things they typically wouldn’t. For intense, in this case…of guys admitting their true feelings about women and their last names.

When it came to marriage and the generations before us, women didn’t think twice when it came to the subject of taking their husband’s name, but times are changing. More and more women are sticking with their maiden name after marriage, and some men aren’t too fond of that.

Some of the anonymous responses to the topic on the app are as follows:

  • “If she wants my sperm, she needs my surname. It’s really that simple.”
  • “Yes it matters. If she doesn’t want to take my name, I’m not interested.”
  • “I would never marry someone who wouldn’t take my surname.”
  • “My wife kept her surname. It’s easier in many ways but also awkward at times.”
  • “It’s not a deal breaker but I definitely wouldn’t be happy if my wife refused to take my last name. I feel like our generation is getting rid of so many traditions.”
  • “My surname is freaking epic. If she doesn’t want it that’s her loss.”


Not all men are against the new times though:

  • “I would never ask my wife to take my last name. I’d just be grateful someone wants to spend their life with me.”
  • “Honestly, I’d rather change my last name to match hers, I’m not the least bit attached to mine.”
  • “If I’m not taking my wife’s last name, why on earth should she take mine?”
  • “This one couple I know hyphenated their name and took each other’s. I think that’d be neat because it’s a physical way of showing the reciprocity marriage should have.”


What are your thoughts? Guys, would it be a deal breaker if your significant other didn’t want to take your last name? Tweet us! @theMRLshow