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Brunch so hard, unicorns want to find us.

The unicorn trend has proven to still be going strong. First it was Starbucks who introduced their Unicorn drink, now there’s Unicorn ice cream as well as Unicorn cereal. Now we can welcome Unicorn grits to the family!

A Charleston brunch spot, Millers All Day, has started making breakfast more magical with unicorn grits.

Owner Greg Johnsman found these grits from a farmer who selectively breeds red corn. He explained that when he first milled the corn, he literally shouted, ‘Oh crap! It’s pink!”

If you ever visit Millers All day, you can now get the pink grits in their collards-and-brisket grit bowl, their lemon icebox pie with pink cornmeal crust, and savory-sweet pink cornmeal cookies. You can even get them to go!

Great, now we’re hungry.

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