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If these things sound familiar then you should be thankful that you are no longer with the person.

The Popsugar website always gives us the best relationship advice as well as break up advice. Now they have supplied us with twenty-two signs that indicate you should be happy that you are broken up.

  • If you always feared that they would leave you
  • If you had more admiration for other couples than you did for your own relationship
  • If you think of the bad memories before the good
  • If jealousy was a major dynamic between the two of you
  • If they made you feel bad for your interests
  • If they didn’t support your goals
  • If you lost friends due to the relationship
  • If the two of you were never equals
  • If you ever missed the “old” version of your significant other
  • If you didn’t feel comfortable around their family, or vice versa
  • If you had to hide as aspect of who you are in order to please them
  • If you had to beg for affection
  • If you were constantly worried about what the other was doing when you weren’t with them
  • If small conflicts always turned into a big argument
  • If there were double standards
  • If either of you constantly threatened to end the relationship
  • If the relationship was more draining than uplifting
  • If your friends and family think the two of you are better apart
  • If you depended on others more for emotional support than you did your significant other
  • If you randomly laughed out loud at your significant other, for no apparent reason
  • If you lives never meshed fully together
  • If you were more often worried about your future rather than excited for it with that person


Any of those apply to a previous relationship? If so, be glad you aren’t with them anymore! The best is yet to come.